enough play of you all,,,,,,,,, never Don't contact .agin . Please .. .Don't disturb i wtih wife and happylife , ...

fuck off leave us alone

hello, for sixteen months all theese bullshit things must stop.all your plans you think you might have just  stop. i have seen my wife upset for all this time, it has made my heart bleed to se her like this. my wife has had a sick body for five years now, and this BLACK HEARTED DOG has upset my wife for sixteen months now, just stop now, For all people that think i need help it is not true. I tied my own legs and I made her lock me in the room so i could prove it was not me. causing her this trouble. i have my passport at all times and am free to go anywhere i want. my wife gives me the best food i can eat anywhere in this world i have never been looked after so much before her, in my life. my wife never have abused me, also have not imprison me. YOU STOLE my wifes money, i with my wife will see you in court.i am crazy in love with my wife and will be with her till the day i die.I will stay in china for the next twenty years if i need to, to be with my darling wife. i  dont need any help. also just stop the monitor of my family.

John.       26-03-2015          


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